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Rotten: It sucks that this choppily edited film appears rushed and incoherent in ways that cheat the story of its human resonance and the stunts of their anticipated pow. – Peter Travers, Rolling Stone, Jul 15, 2015

Fresh: A distinctively absorbing entertainment, offering just enough popcorn thrills for mass audiences and just enough chewiness for hardcore sci-fi fans. – Andrew O’Hehir,, Jul 15, 2015

Fresh: It ain’t saying much but, when it comes to stoopid fun, X-Men could be the summer movie to beat. – J. Hoberman, Village Voice, Jul 15, 2015

Fresh: X-Men, it must be said, has only a few truly thrilling moments. This is not a picture that tries to blow you out of your seat. But more than any other big movie this summer, it has a consistently inventive vision. – Jeff Giles, Newsweek, Jul 15, 2015

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