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Traveller by Chris Stapleton

Traveller by Chris Stapleton

A rare gem of country music


You might not have known it, but Chris Stapleton has probably already been sung out of your lips or atleast heard in your ear already.

He has been a song writing machine throughout his career and now it’s his official “solo” record debut.

I’m gonna try to keep this short. His voice is unmatched. His lyrics are true country. And his music will captivate you in so many ways. He is the total package that has stayed pure to country.

You can YouTube a lot of these songs right now. “Parachute” – “Tennessee Whiskey” – “Fire Away” – “Whiskey And You” – “When The Stars Come Out” – “Traveller” – “Was It 26” and “Sometimes I Cry” are all out there waiting to be heard.

Chris is a rare gem amongst unoriginal and uninspired “talent” that floods country radio these days. If you want soul, wrapped in authentic sound…

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