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Toxicity by System Of A Down

Toxicity by System Of A Down

S.O.A.D.’s Best Album

Americon Citizen

In my opinion System Of A Down’s best album. Below is my review. Definately a must have for any System fan. Prison Song – The best opener I’ve ever heard on any CD. 5/5 Needles – Good song, Daron has a cool solo part. 5/5 Deer Dance – Awesome heavy song, can really get a crowd moving. 5/5 Jet Pilot – Even though it’s a filler, it’s pretty good. 4/5 X – Also a filler, but I like ‘Jet Pilot’ more. 3.5/5 Chop Suey! – One of System’s most successful songs to date. 5/5 Bounce – Funny lyrics, good guitar. 5/5 Forest – Not a bad song, just hasn’t caught my attention. 3/5 ATWA – One of my favorite songs on the album, Serj and Daron’s voices sound really good together. 5/5 Science – Kind of like ‘Forest’, except I like this one more. 4/5 Shimmy – Really good song, goes by fast. 5/5 Toxicity – My favorite on the…

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