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The Underliving by Priscilla Hernandez

The Underliving by Priscilla Hernandez

Gorgeous journey to the Shadowlands!


The Underliving truly is a wonderful way to escape to the inner creative mind. I am an artist and I am always on the search to find music to become the soundtrack while I work in my studio. The Underliving has been on constant play since I have received it from the artist herself. If you can, I would highly recommend buying the physical CD from Priscilla Hernandez’s site. The CD artwork is beautifully evocative of the music and the creator herself. The music is ethereal, yet has emotional depth. I love Priscilla’s earlier recording, Ancient Shadows, but The Underliving is even more richly dense in maturity and tone. Kudos. I am positive I will enjoy The Underliving for many listens!

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