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The Sound of Music by Various Artists

The Sound of Music by Various Artists

How Do You Solve A Problem Like This Album?


In 1959, one of the most beloved musicals opened on broadway, and in 1961, a film version was released, sweeping the Academy Awards. 39 years later, The Sound Of Music returned to broadway, and while some great actor/singers took over for Maria, the Captain and the children, the magic of the true sound of music on this album seemed to have gotten lost while climbing ev’ry mountain. I do applaude the producers for not trying to mimic the earlier productions, but stripping the orchestra down makes me feel like i’m watching this being staged for the first time ever on broadway, but not in 1959. It also tries to distract away from this by adding small harmonies, such as a flute pattern here and there, and although it works sometimes, there’s no real 50’s feel behind the music. While the entire album is worth listening, it’s not really one of my favorite things.

The Sound of GOOD Music

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