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The Hinderers by Daath

The Hinderers by Daath

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Very enjoyable indeed


I was blown away with Daath’s first major release. Last year I got the chance to see these guys on tour with Dragonforce and Protest the Hero and I knew there was something special about them. Was it the fact that they cut into Protest the Hero’s set? No, though that was funny, but I’ll get to my review now. When you first put this one on it starts off right away, no intro or long opening, Daath gets right into it. I’m usually a fan of intros on albums, I know I’m corny, but it was a little nice to just have an album start out right away. Maybe Subterfuge wasn’t the best choice for an opening track, but it’s still a good one at least. The reason I am so gay over The Hinderers can be summed up in one word, original. This album is what was needed for death metal, Daath blends in…

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