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The Benefactor

The Benefactor

Top Critics’ Reviews

Rotten: Mr. Gere’s flamboyant performance is the sole raison d’etre for this melodrama, written and directed by Andrew Renzi. Its other elements are given short shrift. – Stephen Holden, New York Times, Jan 14, 2016

Rotten: Gere, an actor capable of great nuance, hams it up so mightily you’d think the film was sponsored by Boar’s Head. – Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly, Jan 15, 2016

Rotten: What begins as an intriguing psychological thriller devolves … growing less interesting as it proceeds and giving costars Dakota Fanning and Theo James little to do. – Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times, Jan 14, 2016

Rotten: Sadly, The Benefactor proves less rich and engaging as it settles into its actual genre: It’s yet another troubled-dude-starts-pulling-it-together tale. – Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice, Jan 12, 2016

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