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Tangled Up by Thomas Rhett

Tangled Up by Thomas Rhett

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Country artist Thomas Rhett can sing and play guitar, sure—but that’s nearly all he has in common with the style’s traditions. Instead, Tangled Up is a jubilant, Southern-steeped mish-mash of every imaginable type of party music. Skittering, trappy hi-hats underpin Rhett’s playful twang on the EDM-styled “Anthem”; house and disco-pop flourishes light up “Tangled”; “Vacation” is a groovy War-meets-P!NK ringer; and brassy, funky NOLA jazz gives “South Side” its oomph. It’s is such a wonderfully fun, all-over-the-place dance party that the actual country songs are its most confounding—yet still gorgeous—moments.

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Who Cares If It’s “Country” or “Pop?”


Why does an artist have to be one and only one genre? Stop trying to box him in and…

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