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Sex Packets by Digital Underground

Sex Packets by Digital Underground

One of the most underrated Hip-Hop Albums of the 90’s


I remember I bought this album on tape when it first came out, because like everybody else I liked “The Humpty Dance”. But upon listening to it I found there to be many entertaining songs. The way we swing, rhymin on the funk, gutfest ’89, doowutchyalike, the danger zone, freaks of the industry, sex packets. They all were amazingly good. These were the songs I was singin on the playground, not the other stuff that was out there. This was and still is a great album, I still pop it in once and a while to get a good song or two in. They just werent popular enough after the humpty dance, but if tupac was kickin it with them…how bad could they be??


Mustang Paul

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