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Ride Along

Ride Along

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Rotten: Nothing in the movie makes sense, but I prefer to think that “Ride Along” is just a badly told joke, rather than an insult to its audience. – David Denby, New Yorker, Sep 22, 2014

Rotten: Hart’s springy energy and Ice Cube’s deadpan snarl can be amusing, but they can’t compensate for weak material. – Rafer Guzman, Newsday, Jan 17, 2014

Rotten: This routine buddy picture offers plenty of instant gratification (Cube and Hart are easygoing screen presences, and many of their one-liners are funny) but shows little concern for characterization, storytelling, or even comic pacing. – Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader, Jan 23, 2014

Rotten: This is a live-action cartoon. – Richard Roeper, Richard, Jan 21, 2014

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