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Reprise (Anime Song Best) by Mikuni Shimokawa

Reprise (Anime Song Best) by Mikuni Shimokawa

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Beautiful Anime Covers!


The nicest I’ve heard on iTunes, I must say. I’ve been looking for anime themes on iTunes for a while, and have refused to buy most of the hyperactively-paced remixes and simplistic instrumentals that seem to be the only choices – but then I found these covers and they’re just wonderful. I’m usually extremely picky for the original artists, but Mikuni Shimokowa sings with her own such pleasant style and yet also seems to balance it perfectly with capturing the original sound of the songs, and overall it doesn’t even feel like listening to a remake. So far, I’ve actually only bought Track 6, “Zankoku na Tenshi no Te-ze” (Cruel Angel’s Thesis) from Neon Genesis Evangelion, because that’s the only anime I’ve watched out of these represented here. But I really enjoy her sound,…

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