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Panzerfaust by Darkthrone

Panzerfaust by Darkthrone

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Darkthrone’s fifth album Panzerfaust is often cited as having a difficult sound, but the mix in which the guitar and drums at times cannot be heard underneath Nocturno Culto’s vocals actually contributes  to the experimental feel of not just the album, but Darkthrone’s material as a whole. The band’s strong affinity for simple classic-rock riffs emerges on every song, and a blending of doom- and groove-metal elements bubble up from the murk here and there (“Triumphant Gleam” for one). “The Hordes of Nebula” is among the band’s slowest, brutally heavy moments and a good showcase of the long-running Norwegian group’s constantly evolving approach to the black metal they had a hand in creating. Unlike their peers, however, Darkthrone never fold in quieter moments or even the barest hint of classical music. Instead, vocalist/guitarist Nocturno Culto “sings” like Celtic Frost’s Tom Warrior and plays like he grew up listening as…

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