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Once Upon a Time In America

Once Upon a Time In America

Top Critics’ Reviews

Fresh: Leone is less interested in arousing an audience’s easier emotions than in presenting, at a dispassionate distance, the horror of two men warily walking toward each other on a tightrope suspended above the snake pit of their , deepest compulsions. – Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine, Apr 12, 2011

Fresh: The film slips easily back and forth in time, dancing between the decades, often making the connection from one era to another solely by means of brilliant cuts that work like magic. – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times, Apr 22, 2014

Fresh: As one would expect from Leone, the film is a brilliant stylistic accomplishment. – Douglas Pratt, Hollywood Reporter, Jun 24, 2010

Fresh: Adding 22 minutes only enhances Leone’s brilliant saga of guilt and betrayal – Lou Lumenick, New York Post, Apr 11, 2015

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