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New World by Do As Infinity

New World by Do As Infinity

Album Review

There’s nothing unexpected on New World whatsoever — it’s a typical J-pop/J-rock album — but it’s smaller, less showy features make it a nice entry in a crowded field. The most remarkable (though not defining) thing about Do as Infinity is their ability to overlap guitar pop with dancey rhythms: the guitars dominate, but the trick, while not new, is still interesting. This gimmick was ridden by the likes of Klaxons and Bravery and touted as the next big thing in Western popular music; meanwhile, on those small islands on the rim of the Pacific, Do as Infinity were doing a similar thing without much fuss about them, and a few years ahead of the others to boot (New World was initially released in 2001). Perhaps the difference is that for DAI, this wasn’t a conscious stylistic experiment, but simply a means to achieve a good pop song, and they would as easily use other tricks they came by — there’s a lot of plain melodic…

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