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Never Lose Sight (Deluxe Edition) by Chris Tomlin

Never Lose Sight (Deluxe Edition) by Chris Tomlin

Joy-Driven, Hope-Centered, God-Infused

Cory Kruse

With each new Chris Tomlin release, you know to a degree what you’re getting: stirring, smartly-written worship anthems and intimate, heart-sundering Psalms. His blend of acoustic/pop is at once easy on the ears and purifying to the soul. His creativity and talent are readily apparent; at times subtle, and at others bombastic, his genius and skill always make themselves know. Tomlin has always had an aptitude for penning catchy melodies and beautiful, God-centered lyrics. All share a singular focus: glorifying Jesus and leading others to Him. Never Lose Sight, Tomlin’s eleventh studio outing, is no different. Commencing in a huge way with the destined-to-be-hymnalized “Good Good Father,” and the current radio single “Jesus,” the album proceeds with a joyful urgency and an ethereal vigor—as…

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