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Myrkur by Myrkur

Myrkur by Myrkur


TC HC Veteran

I’ll freely admit to having been slightly sucked into the pre-release hype on this record, so if you detect a note of disappointment in my review, that’s partly just my wild expectations being dashed on the rocks of reality.

First and foremost, I think this is a very good, and likely important, record. Myrkur has successfully melded the ambient and ethereal sounds of something like Cocteau Twins with several of the musical signatures of black metal (blast beats and tremolo picking). Her clean singing (which is probably 75% of the vocals) is angelic, and several of the slower, acoustic parts have a distinctly medieval slow to them (I swear I detect both Greensleeves and Scarborough Fair in Frosne Vind and Ulvesangen). This feels new, fresh, and exhilarating. The metal parts show similar inventiveness, with shifting…

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