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Master of Puppets by Metallica

Master of Puppets by Metallica


Cliff Burton (RIP) This album honors your memory.



This is most likely Metallica’s “swan song’ album in that they lost an integral part of the band after the release of this album. That being said this album is the last will and testament of a Metal legend. Cliff Burton unfortunately can never be replaced and no one should replace him honestly. No one should try to be him. I think Jason Newsted was not this way he did not try to “be” Cliff he was Jason and contributed his own brand to Metallica. I think that all being said Cliff is probably smiling right now that they endured and went on to more commercial succes.

Anyways enough of that. Master of Puppets is probably one of the top thrash metal albums of all time and then some. Get this, listen to it and then listen to it again. It never grows old and continues to be a valid slab of…

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