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Magma by GOJIRA

Magma by GOJIRA

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In honor of their late mother, brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier of French metallurgists Gojira respond to tragedy with some of the most emotional songs of their career. Epic suites yield to sharpened body blows. For every pummeling track like “Silvera” and “The Cell” there are moving salutes like “The Shooting Star” and “Yellow Stone,” where sadness and depression transform into submission and ultimately salvation.

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Total Gojira fan


I’ve been a Gojira fan forever. I feel their music takes me on an adventure and they have. That’s a big seller for me. Stranded had me begging for June 17th. So there I was at Hastings before the door opened waiting. I really do like the album but I keep finding myself waiting for heavy…

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