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M by Myrkur

M by Myrkur

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After Myrkur’s critically acclaimed self-titled EP appeared in 2014, the mysterious identity of this one-woman black metal act became the subject of intense scrutiny. She is Amalie Bruun, a New York-based Dane who is half the indie pop duo Ex Cops and a fashion model. Thankfully, none but the most conservative of black metal fans care. M, her debut full-length from Relapse, is a more sophisticated extension of the music on the EP. It was recorded in Norway (and sounds like it) and was produced by Garm (Kristoffer Rygg) from Ulver. Myrkur wrote and arranged the material, she plays most instruments save for drums, played by Øyvind Myrvoll (Nidingr), and delivers all vocals. She also enlisted friends from Mayhem, Arch Enemy, and string players in various spots. The album’s approach readily references black metal’s second wave, atmospheric post-metal, gothic, darkwave, Scandinavian folk, and even classical music — she’s spent…

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