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Look Sharp! (Deluxe Version) by Roxette

Look Sharp! (Deluxe Version) by Roxette

Album Review

Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson exploded onto the pop radar screen with Look Sharp!, which spawned four big hits: the bright, shiny “The Look,” the punchy, hopeful “Dressed for Success,” the A/C-leaning “Dangerous,” and the bland, overproduced “Listen to Your Heart.” The cuts that weren’t released as singles aren’t necessarily filler, but they also aren’t as strong as many of the cuts that made up Roxette albums that followed, particularly Joyride and Tourism (Songs From Studios, Stages, Hotelrooms & Other Strange Places). The non-releases are nothing memorable, and they don’t age well, “Paint” and “Dance Away” in particular being pretty average in terms of production and melody. Only “Chances” and “Shadow of a Doubt” show glimmers of the skills the duo would soon flourish. Gessle and Fredriksson became artists at crafting superb pop melodies and surrounding them with amazing production, so think of this album as basic…

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