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Joey Albert by Joey Albert

Joey Albert by Joey Albert

Album Review

In 1998, Philippine independent label Dyna Products released Joey Albert Greatest Hits, a compilation of songs recorded by Joey Albert for the label. During the 1980s, she recorded for Philippine independent label OctoArts.

Joey Albert Greatest Hits is dominated by passionate, easy listening love songs. Unfortunately, the songs have a tendency to sound alike, as though made from the same mold, with little variation. For whatever reason, Albert’s singing sounds less graceful here than on songs she recorded for OctoArts during the 1980s. She sounds weak and off-key on such songs as “Only a Memory,” “Sa ‘Yo Lamang” (For You Alone), and “How Can I Make You See,” among others. She also has trouble attaining the sophistication required on the delicate “Roses in the Rain.” There are several upbeat songs, including two samba-inflected numbers, “Happy” and “Mahalan, Lambingan, Bulungan” (Loving, Teasing, Whispering), on which she…

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