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Hyperacuity by Greg Howe

Hyperacuity by Greg Howe

Album Review

Hyperacuity is Greg Howe’s debut offering for the Tone Center label and is an instrumental extravaganza comprised of fusion compositions that highlight Howe’s incredible techniques and melodic flair. As one of the most versatile guitarists in jazz, rock, or fusion, Howe really stretches on his highly anticipated seventh solo release and follow-up to Ascend. The popular guitarist opens with “Hyperacuity,” a musical personification of Howe’s razor-sharp guitar licks that are further exemplified on “Blindfold.” This is a “killer” jam and solidifies Howe’s furious guitar licks in the annals of jazz/rock. His ability to adapt his acclaimed speed as a legato for the lower tones on “Order of Dawn” is even more reason for listeners, both new and hardcore fusionists, to get excited about Howe’s musical genius. “Heat Activated” is a workout of tempos, blues-inflected changes, and great use of wah-wah frequencies that awakens a nostalgic muse with this fiery wake-up call. Along with his successful use of synth sounds and programming on Howe’s cover of the Stevie Wonder classic, “I Wish,” this CD becomes the musical vision realized…

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