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H2O (Remastered) by Daryl Hall & John Oates

H2O (Remastered) by Daryl Hall & John Oates

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Hall & Oates were the perfect group for 1982, a year that saw lite R&B, crunchy new wave, and eccentric synth-pop all sharing space at the top of the charts. H20 returns to the biting guitar and crisp drums that made Private Eyes a success, but here the sound is tempered by sweeter hooks and more pillowy synths. Songs like “Italian Girls” go right to the verge of cheese, but Hall & Oates keep enough edge and self-knowing wit about them to prevent anything from becoming too sappy. The album’s smash single, “Maneater,” is a song that flirts with smooth jazz but stays taut enough to make it all feel just right. Elsewhere, Hall & Oates lay the blueprint for the era’s every musical trend: jittery Elvis Costello-esque pop (“Delayed Reaction”), the stadium power ballad (“Go Solo”), even quiet storm R&B (“Open All Night”). “One On One” is the confection that no one else ever managed to replicate. Even…

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