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My whole family was blown away….


My daughter, son and I saw this movie this morning, and we loved it so much we went back later the same day and watched it again! Came home bought the sound track and preordered the movie! Can’t wait till it comes out!

Amazing! AWESOME!


I watched Frozen yesterday for the first time. Anyone who is trying to decide if you want to watch this? I have you covered!
Definately worth the cost, guys. The best movie I have ever watched in my life. It brought tears, laughs, suspense.. Definately worth every penny. Worth all the research I did on it.. All the death that would come if I hadn’t seen it. Unexpected twists, hilarious moments, times when you felt.. Like jumping in the movie and helping. Times when you wanted to sing along. It was amazing. Please take my word – the best movie ever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️FROZEN❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Frozen is not only a magnificent film, but also the quintessential Disney film everyone has dreamed


In 1937, Walt Disney released his latest film project and his most ambitious one yet at the time. The world’s first full-length animated motion picture would go on to become one of the beloved and greatest motion pictures of all time: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For the first time, people from all walks of life were introduced to the spellbinding beauty and majesty of Disney: full of nostalgia, happiness, music, warmth, adventure, romance, and the incredible magic of animation and storytelling. Snow White was only the beginning – a wonderful parade of new Disney motion pictures stretched across generation-to-generation and continued its purpose to transport audiences into a world of pure imagination and bring to life some of the most memorable characters and stories ever told. That grand Disney tradition slipped gradually in recent times, until three nights ago when I saw their latest animated film, Frozen.

I never cared much about the film before, but it literally knocked me out of the ballpark into next Tuesday, figuratively speaking. Frozen is the quintessential Disney film we have been waiting to see in a very long time. It doesn’t feel like retread like The Princess and the Frog or look kind of desperate like Tangled. Directors Chris Buck (Tarzan, Surf’s Up) and newcomer Jennifer Lee, instead, took on another path and imbued the film with such passion and beauty that feels fresh, full of energy, and much more poignant and heartfelt at the same time. It’s got everything done right here that we have come to dream of in a great and timeless Disney animated masterpiece in a very long time. I admire the idea to film Frozen in CinemaScope, because its scope and nature is like Lawrence of Arabia: you’re immersed into the world, you find yourself right into the action set against the backdrop of extreme harsh winter storms, and you’re much more emotionally connected to the characters than you would think of. The music is textured to perfection: the songs are grand, perfect character studies, and brilliant, and Christophe Beck’s musical score is marvelous. The film’s soundtrack beats all of the soundtracks of every Disney animated motion picture of the last decade.

I want to particularly single out Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel. I didn’t like Kristen Bell before, but now I do. She played her role with great dedication and passion that should be ranked as one of the year’s best performances. Her acting in the film really astonished me that she played Anna, a woman who is naïve about life after being cooped in the castle for years and her parents’ untimely death. As Anna matured throughout the film to be a wise and affectionate human being, so did Bell as an actress. This is a film revelation you’ll have the privilege to witness in your lifetime. Idina Menzel’s commitment to her character is ingenious. She goes much higher to the extremes when she magnificently delivered her triumphant ballad, Let it Go, with all her heart and soul into the performance, rather than solely on the singing – her acting becomes her singing! It’s incredible beyond belief! Speaking of which, Anna and Elsa are the best Disney heroines since Belle. They’re real women and human than just another dumb stereotype. Jennifer Lee became the first woman to direct a full-length Disney animated film with Frozen and she incorporated real feminism and strong female characters in an animated film that will both have filmmakers taking notes on better female portrayals and women to universally laud it for its remarkable and groundbreaking achievements.

As much I love the music, screenplay, and its splendid visual and animation artistry, there’s one crucially important fact that everyone will be mesmerized about. The film is about lost love reconciled and a thawed heart after many years of isolation. Anna worries for her sister, but she’s also interested in finding a guy to be her true love. There was Hans first, then she was used and betrayed by him and been led to believe by him that there’s no good people and such thing as love. Only Kristoff had grown to very much like Anna for what she is as a person. The heart of the film is not about Anna and Kristoff; it’s about Anna and Elsa. Throughout the film, not only did she fight her way to find Elsa, but she also went on a journey to reconnect and love her sister after years of despair and misconceived hatred. Instead of going with the traditional fairy tale romance, Frozen shows us that true love is something else than pure romance: true love is where how much one love and respect the people they most care about. By performing deeds of sacrifice, it proves that point on how it is powerful and heartfelt by how much they love them. It is special that this is how families should be together in times of joy or crisis and to mutually love and respect each other for what they really are. That is the definition of family and love we have forgotten in a long time. This is what makes Frozen a truly magical story that will inspire hope in each and every one of us time and time again to become better and more loving people. This is why people will love the movie more for centuries to come and will come to love Disney again that will produce great and important films for the continuation of cinema.

Frozen is the best Disney animated film since The Lion King and it’s a great example of excellence in animated filmmaking. It also provides an opportunity for everyone to embrace true Disney magic again as they had before, especially when the Walt Disney Company celebrated its 90th anniversary two months ago. It looks that another era of the Disney Renaissance has just been realized after Disney had a great track record starting with Bolt, five years ago.

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