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Forever by Spice Girls

Forever by Spice Girls

The album that ended the Spice Girls


So here I am 16 years later, reliving the days of the Spice Girls when I decided to finally give this album another listen. It’s exactly as bad as I remembered it to be.

This album is filled with a bunch of mid-tempo R&B songs that all blend together and have nothing special about them. Not one track on here is a standout song and it lacks all of the spice that made these girls famous. All of the fun, personality and vibrance of the Girls’ last two albums is non-existent here.

The only song that has any feeling of genuine is Goodbye — perhaps because the Spice Girls knew it was all over before even releasing this album. Perhaps some day the Spice Girls will reunite and re-claim their glory, but until then they will remain as one sad ending longing for the good days.

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