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Folktales by The Big Wu

Folktales by The Big Wu

Album Review

Many of the hip-hop, dance-pop, and urban contemporary artists that emerged in the ’80s and ’90s are so technology-minded and studio-oriented that they don’t fare nearly as well on-stage as they do on their studio recordings. In the worst cases, they sound downright awkward in a live setting because they are unsuccessfully trying to turn the stage into the studio. But many of today’s post-Grateful Dead jam bands have the opposite problem; they come alive on-stage but don’t sound nearly as comfortable on their studio albums. Unfortunately, some of those Dead disciples are so jam-minded that they haven’t really cultivated their songwriting skills. The Big Wu, like other jam bands, lives for the stage, but thankfully doesn’t fall apart in the studio. While Wu’s second album Folktales isn’t a masterpiece, the writing is generally decent. Clearly, Wu comes from the Dead/Kingfish/New Riders school of laid-back country-rock, but…

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