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Black Widow by In This Moment

Black Widow by In This Moment

Overly Produced Pop “Metal” at this point.


This album is horrible. I pre-ordered it because I’ve loved ITM since the very beginning… I went to shows where no one knew who they were. I’ve been there, gone to every concert that hit my part of town of theirs, met the band, bought the rare music you can’t find on itunes anymore. They were my favorite band!!! This album is very mixed up and all over the place, the music is horrible and it’s so far from the metal they originally played that it sounds like some horrible overly produced pop crap you hear on the radio. It doesn’t showcase their talent as a band. It shows only that they’ve caved into industry standards for what music should sound like. It’s not the same ITM all of us old fans knew. I wish I hadn’t pre-ordered it…

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