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Rotten: The wit is all pictorial. The film meanders mindlessly from one image to the next, as does a comic book. It doesn’t help that the title character remains such a wimp even when played by Michael Keaton. – Vincent Canby, New York Times, Jul 16, 2008

Fresh: Director Tim Burton effectively echoes the visual style of the original Bob Kane comics while conjuring up a nightmarish world of his own. – Variety Staff, Variety, Apr 10, 2013

Fresh: Batman is a stunning achievement, especially through the incredible and unique visualization of director Tim Burton. – Ron Pennington, Hollywood Reporter, Jul 6, 2015

Fresh: The idea of doing a dark, neurotic, highly stylized and highly claustrophobic superproduction is an audacious and appealing one, but director Tim Burton has only made it halfway there. – Dave Kehr, Chicago Tribune, Apr 10, 2013

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