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Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection



1000000 times better than the third, but not as good as 2 or 1.

Alien Resurrection

Can you believe it’s not butter?

This is only marginally better than the Aliens vs. Predator films. It’s an Alien film that lacks any thrills, offers only frills and barely creative kills. It goes astray with being created, as Ripley was killed off in the previous installment. The idea that she was brought back by cloning is just… Beyond comprehension. So, she was cloned. Once you’re past the anger about that fact, now you can focus your anger on another lack of logic: the surprise that the aliens have escaped and run amok. That the scientists are surprised, characters of supposedly immense intelligence (and little wisdom), to find that the aliens are capable of planning and working together to fullfill their purpose: killing humans. This is done in many ways, the most creative being freezing a soldier stupid enough to walk into their holding cell, the less creative being… Well, the same ways characters have been killed in Alien and Alien 3. I seem to have forgotten… Wasn’t their goal, when a queen existed, to take victims to be implanted? Killing soldiers, a good amount of soldiers at that, is basically diminishing future populations. No, these creatures are far more intelligent than wiping the soldiers out. This script just requires them to kill for the sake of gory and graphic violence. True, scientists are used as hosts, but… It’s just angering how the aliens have turned from calculating inhuman monsters to simple slashers. And yes, I appreciated the third entry, which fell into the same pit by turning its monster into a slasher, but it was saved by the brilliant set design and the moods it created, and also the brilliant direction by David Fincher. Also, the kills, which were extremely violent, were creative because they didn’t replicate the kills in the film before. This film offers nothing of the sort. The one thing I did like about this film was the human pirating, which offered a few interesting scenes in which one of the piratees meets the pirates. The rest of the movie, as I said before, is a film that lacks any thrills, offers only frills and mostly boring kills. An awful direction for a series that worked well as a trilogy.

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