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A Chaos of Desire by Black Tape for a Blue Girl

A Chaos of Desire by Black Tape for a Blue Girl

Album Review

In many ways the sister release to Ashes, down to the similar cover art and the parallel sources of inspiration (the Paula thanked in Ashes’ liner notes for “caring inspiration” here gets credit for “destroying my faith”), Chaos ratchets up the lyrical intensity even more strongly than before. Given how intense Rosenthal generally is anyway with his words, this may seem a hard task to accomplish, but one listen to the lengthy, majestic album centerpiece, “The Hypocrite Is Me,” will confirm it — Herrera delivers a lyric of deep self-loathing with command, while the music backing him is an intense series of rumbling electronic tones matched at the end by a great, gently reverbed violin solo from guest performer Vicki Richards. Another number of note is “Tear Love from My Mind,” a piano-driven piece that provides a gentle showcase for Julianna Towns, the main female vocalist on the album, who has a slightly wider range than…

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