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A Bluegrass Tribute by Pickin’ On Series

A Bluegrass Tribute by Pickin' On Series

Buy the ACTUAL album!


I would buy the actual album than buy this…I’m not saying I don’t like it…but I think Carrie Underwood has WAYY more talent than this….=[

I Didn’t Buy…I Just Feel Bad


There is only one out of the three reviews on this album that is actually talking ABOUT the album. Were not comparing this to Carrie Underwoods album, its a TRIBUTE to her music, and another take on it. This is not mean’t to downplay Carnival Ride, but just take it further. Don’t leave comments and low ratings just becasue its not Carrie Underwood, this is someones hard work and effort, and its a great album if its what your looking for.

I thought that this was a cool album!


They aren’t trying to be Carrie…

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